*All hair must be neatly pulled back in a bun. No wisps of hair around the face.

Creative Movement – Ballet II: A dress code for young dancers helps them focus during class, ensures clothing is not a distraction and creates a stronger sense of discipline and structure. A camisole and tank option will be available to order at time of registration. A limited stock of leotards will be kept at the studio.

Creative Movement – Light Pink

Pre Ballet – Light Blue

Ballet I – Light Purple

Ballet II – Royal Blue

Ballet III – Pre Professional:
Solid black leotard. No designs or assymetrical cut.
Pink ballet tights. Full tights only, no cut off tights.
Pink ballet slippers, not satin. Shoes must be clean and laces tucked in

Solid black leotard.
Tan split, sole jazz shoes.

Solid black leotard
Tan shoes with straps only. NO BLACK SHOES.

Solid black leotard
Black dance pants
Knee pads optional as we do a lot of floor work. Bare foot.

Any solid color appropriate leotard



Leotard/ white or black athletic, fitted shirt
Black tights/ black gym shorts
Dance belt
White socks and white ballet shoes.​