Dancing into the New Year

Happy New Year to our Ballet & Dance students & families! As we reflect on 2017, it was a phenomenal year for our studio. We moved into a new space, won Best of Syracuse for Best Dance Program 2017, and continue to see our students learn and grow every day. Congratulations on your hard work, and making it through a very busy year!

As we dance into 2018, it’s time to create new goals, ignite our passion for dance, and keep those bodies moving!

Here’s a few tips on setting goals in dance for the upcoming year:

Focus on you!

This can be tough for dancers. Stop comparing yourself to others in your classes. Focus on your needs, your abilities, and how you want to improve! It’s the best way to advance your dance technique.

Open your ears and LISTEN.listen

What did you hear in class most during 2017? Hold your turnout? Spot faster? Point those feet harder? Think back to the corrections you heard most throughout the year and start off there – these are the things you can focus on tackling first!

Be specific!

The more specific the goal, the easier it is to focus on and achieve. Create goals specific to your dancing, with as much detail as possible.

Write it down!pencil-clip-art-1

Make a list, put it up on a board, or even a post-it! Writing down your goals and aspirations will help remind you of what you are striving for and give you some extra motivation.

Be Patient!

Goals rarely happen over night. They take time, dedication, and perseverance. Remind yourself that you WILL get to those goals, even if it is not RIGHT here, RIGHT now. Dancers are some of the most dedicated, hard-working people on the planet. Use that passion, will, and drive to create your success over a period of time. You will always get where you need to be, it just takes time.


See you in classes, dancers! Set your goals and we can achieve them together. 

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