10 Tips for a Successful Tech Week

As experienced dancers and parents know, we are quickly approaching one of the busiest weeks of the year: Tech Week! For those of us new to the lingo, the week prior to a show in which we rehearse at the theater is called Tech Week. Here we focus our energies on last minute fine-tuning, adding lights, and getting that performance quality top notch before premiering all of our hard work.

For dancers this can be a trying week. It typically involves longer hours, patience while waiting for their their time to enter the stage, and lots of hair, makeup, and costume work! Here’s some top tips to help both dancers and parents make the most out of their tech week experience:


It is a week known for long, unusual hours so getting the proper amount of sleep and rest is of the utmost importance! Make sure to take the time leading up to tech week to get enough sleep and save up that energy for when it really counts. Take breaks at the theater when offered to make sure your bodies and minds are refueled.


Once in the dressing rooms, it is nothing but a sea of costumes, tights, shoes, and headpieces that look EXACTLY the same. Make sure everything you plan to bring to the theater is properly labeled so there’s no panic when you can’t find your hot pink leotard or your feather headband!

  • BRING HOMEWORK (or a book)

Inevitably, there WILL be down time at the theater. By bringing homework or a book to read, students can save time and stress by getting some work done. Then when they head home at the end of the day there’s more time to REST and recuperate.

  • BABY WIPES (yes, you read that right)baby-wipes-box

The dancers’ best kept secret! Alcohol-free Baby Wipes are extremely handy to have in your dance bag. Here’s a few things baby wipes are capable of: gently removing makeup from both your face AND any smudges on your costume, cleaning dirty dance shoes (bye bye scuff marks!) and even flattening down those annoying fly-aways when your hair is up in a bun! These little miracles are a multipurpose must-have.


Make a checklist of the things you need every day at the theater and before leaving the house go through it! This can avoid missing costumes and makeup, and avoid confusion! It doesn’t take long and can help keep everyone organized.


In case you need it, the tech week schedule is HERE. Print it off, download it to your phone, or do whatever it takes to remember the schedule! Late or missing students delay the rehearsal process and we want them to be as prepared as possible.


This one speaks for itself! Make sure students bring lots and lots of WATER to the theater.


If you are unsure of where to go, are going to be late, need help with hair and makeup, or anything else ASK! Our cast coordinator Kim Glassford along with faculty and staff will be more than happy to help and guide you. We only run into problems when we aren’t aware that you need help.

  • Don't worry be happy post itREMAIN POSITIVE

We all have bad days, and when spending so much time with each other during tech week patience can be tried. Do your best to stay positive! Take it one day at a time and don’t worry – we will make it! If everyone keeps a positive attitude we will all be more able to commit to tip number 10…


This is the culmination of students’ and parents’ hard work and dedication. It is a time to bond with dance family and work together to put on another splendid show. Remember these are memories to last a lifetime so ENJOY, PERFORM, and HAVE FUN!


We are beyond excited for our Student Performances! SEE YOU AT THE THEATER!

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