Summer Dance: Mini Intensive!

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Have you heard about our Mini Intensive?

Over the summer Ballet and Dance of Upstate NY, Inc. offers a “smaller” version of our other summer intensives for dancers starting at the age of six. For three hours a week, Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:30-7pm, these students will receive the best training in a more intense setting. Without the pressures of school and other extra- curricular activities, students who study with us over the summer have proven to excel and improve at a more rapid pace.

We know that parents want their kids to have the very best and be the very best. At this day and age kids have the opportunity to indulge in so many different activities; sports, art, music, etc, so that when they grow up, they will be diverse and well-rounded young men and women. So why ballet? 


Ballet, the most codified dance form, demonstrates discipline, determination, patience and grace. By studying and training in ballet, not only will kids stay active and get daily exercise, but they will also learn tools that will support their growth and development as bright, young men and women. They will learn to follow instructions, they will gain a sense of their bodies, balance, coordination and expression, they will become comfortable performing before groups, they will demonstrate discipline through learning new movement and positions, they will learn a new language, and they will become determined, aspiring, “thinking outside of the box” individuals.

When a child begins ballet at an earlier age, they are able to adapt and learn more quickly than when they are older. But more importantly, they start training their bodies correctly so that as they grow into their adolescent and teenage years they already have the right foundation. They will develop long and strong muscles earlier on before their bodies begin to change, they will gain a sense of self-confidence and pride in their bodies and what they can accomplish, they will learn about proper nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle, and they will learn how to set goals, persevere, and work hard to accomplish them.

Of course there are other dance forms besides ballet, such as Jazz, Tap, Modern and Contemporary; but what you might not know, is that all these dance forms either use or reference ballet positions, movements and terminology. Ballet is the key component to learning and succeeding in these other dance forms.

Not convinced yet? Take a peek at our 2015-16,  Pointe IV (highest level) class, who have been training with Ballet and Dance of Upstate NY, Inc since they were 3-5 years old.

Is your child younger than six? GREAT! Ballet and Dance of Upstate NY, Inc offers Creative Movement starting in the fall, for children starting at age 3. Please email us for more information on our Creative Movement class and schedule!

For more information on our MINI Intensive, click here to go to the page! Or click here to go directly to the registration form!

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